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How Do You Actually Use Keyword Research?

Keyword research is great…but then what? In previous posts, I have talked about tools that can help you when you are performing keyword research. As most people who have even a basic understanding of the SEO world know, keyword research … Continue reading

5 Questions You Can Answer with Google Webmaster Tools

Although you may have your own opinions about why Google provides these tools, you do have to admit that they offer some top notch tools for webmasters.  In addition to Google Analytics, another offering from Google that has grown significantly … Continue reading

5 SEO Mistakes that Kill Your Website

If you’re the owner of a small business, you might be tempted to implement an SEO strategy by yourself. After all, it can get costly hiring an expert to do your SEO, and there are several things you can do … Continue reading

Creating Backlinks from Business Profiles

Link building can be a time consuming venture for search engine marketers and webmasters. There is no easy way to go about it, link building is hard work. Google as the search engine leader wants backlinks that are meaningful to … Continue reading

Avoid These SEO Mistakes At All Costs

We all understand the importance of proper SEO when it comes to search engine rank.  That said, many websites continue to make many serious SEO errors.  Want to know what some of these SEO errors are?  Read on … Mistake … Continue reading