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Google Search Results Enhanced With New Search Options

Back in May of 2009, Google launched Search Options, which is the side panel that lets you apply filters and view search results in different ways. This might not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but … Continue reading

I’m Feeling Better About Google Sidewiki

The last week in September, I wrote an article expressing some opinions about Google Sidewiki. One of the concerns I had with Google Sidewiki was the fact that users couldn’t claim “indexable ownership” of their content. Instead, content contributed in … Continue reading

What is Google Fast Flip

Even today with the Internet reaching balzing speeds, loading media rich web pages can still take a lot of time. Most modern news sites include high resolution videos, detailed screen shots, and streaming audio on their pages. This makes load … Continue reading

Google To Send Over 100,000 Google Wave Invites

I have had a strong interest in Google Wave since May when it was unveiled. In fact, I wrote about Google Wave last month here on At any rate, very early on, I had submitted my name and email … Continue reading

A Look Inside Some of Google’s Official Blogs

In addition to the official blog, Google has a lot of other blogs they maintain. For a long time I’ve been wondering how many blogs they operated. I have RSS subscriptions to a few of them, but every day it … Continue reading