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Should Time Be Invested Towards Removing Low Quality Backlinks?

Google suggests that it might be worth your effort to request to have links removed that are pointing from low grade sites to yours. The easiest way this can be done is by searching the site for a “Contact Us” … Continue reading

Yahoo! Sells Ads In Filtered Search Results

Last month, Yahoo! unveiled the new and improved Yahoo! Search. One of the key elements of their new and enhanced version of search claims to give users more control over the results they see by allowing users to filter results … Continue reading

Google Mobile Search Results Now Enhanced With New Search Options

Last week I explained that in May of 2009, Google launched a new side panel called Search Options, that allows users to filter search results in different ways. The idea behind this started churning about eight years ago, and was … Continue reading

Google Adds PDF Viewing Functionality To Search Results

Towards the end of September, Google unveiled the Google Docs Viewer, a program which allows bloggers and webmasters to quickly embed PDF files directly in web pages or blog posts. Google has taken this new PDF viewing functionality a step … Continue reading

Google Releases New Version of AdSense For High End Phones

Yesterday Google released a new version of AdSense geared for high end mobile phones. The news of this event was broadcast across four of their official blogs, two of which completely duplicated the content. (#1, #2, #3, #4) Ironically, Google … Continue reading