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Will be the New Sphinn?

For the past 3 years, has been a community where internet marketers could submit stories, vote on them, and discuss them. It was basically the “Digg for SEO and internet marketing.” Remember, hates SEOs, and any SEO-related stories … Continue reading

Is Google Instant a Dream Come True or a Nightmare For SEO?

Immediately after I caught wind of Google Instant, I started researching and observing the reactions from other people within the SEO community. If you haven’t heard about Google Instant yet, let me brief you quickly: Direct from Google: “Google Instant … Continue reading

Does Google Scribe Have SEO Value?

Google launched a new text auto completion tool called, Google Scribe. The tool is very simple to use, and based on the articles I have read, people seem to think it works well. The tool is a text auto completion … Continue reading

Hobo SEO – A SEO Site That You Should Read

It’s hard to find good quality information now a days. And it seems like it’s even harder to find good solid information about SEO. So here’s a SEO Blogs that I think you’ll enjoy reading. It’s a site that I … Continue reading

Download Google Chrome For Mac OS X

It was only after I did the research when I realized that a lot of hard work really went into the development of Google Chrome for Mac OS X. In fact, it literally took over one year to release into … Continue reading