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How To Convert a Blog Post Into a Website

If you have a particular blog post that is getting a lot of search traffic, it might interest you in turning the blog post into it’s own website. There are many reasons why it could be beneficial to do so. … Continue reading

Do You Really Need that Page?

When you’re optimizing your website for the search engines, one of the things you’ll likely be doing is adding new content to target various keywords and keep your site fresh. Make no mistake, content is certainly important for building a … Continue reading

Is Google Instant a Dream Come True or a Nightmare For SEO?

Immediately after I caught wind of Google Instant, I started researching and observing the reactions from other people within the SEO community. If you haven’t heard about Google Instant yet, let me brief you quickly: Direct from Google: “Google Instant … Continue reading

Writing a Good Meta Description

Yeah. Yeah. I already know what you’re saying. “Why are you talking about meta tags? They don’t affect a website’s search rankings. They aren’t really important at all.” While they don’t have an impact on where your site ranks in … Continue reading

Why do ugly landing pages work so well?

We’ve all seen them. The huge red headlines. The sales letter format. The yellow highlights. The intrusive testimonials. And the infomercial-style sales pitch. Of course, I’m talking about ugly landing pages. A few years back, when I was an internet … Continue reading