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7 Mistakes That Kill Your PPC Ad Copy

After years of writing PPC ad copy for campaigns, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot along the way. Here are 7 common mistakes you should avoid when writing your PPC ads.   Selling the product, not … Continue reading

Stop Asking Me To Use Misspelled Keywords In Your Copy

As a copywriter, I deal with a lot of projects that involve SEO copywriting. On these projects, the client will typically send over a sitemap that includes a list of keywords to target on each page. Pretty standard stuff at … Continue reading

The Problem with Adding Content for the Sake of SEO

A lot of the copywriting projects I get involve SEO. Sometimes, a company wants to redo their entire website to ensure it’s optimized properly for the search engines. Other times, their website is already optimized, but they want to continually … Continue reading

The Common Sense Approach To Keyword Targeting and Search Engine Marketing

In the past few years that I have spent blogging and chasing search engine traffic I have come to realize that it’s very hard to put your finger on traffic prediction and keyword targeting. Over the years I have managed … Continue reading

7 Simple Rules for Better Press Releases

Contrary to what the naysayers believe, press release distribution is still an effective way to get your name out there, build links back to your website, and increase your search engine presence. But of course, there’s a right way and … Continue reading