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6 Reasons You Should Be Publishing eBooks

Been thinking about writing an eBook? Not sure if it’s worth the time or effort? Here are 6 good reasons you should consider writing eBooks.   You can position yourself as an expert—When you have your name on a book, … Continue reading

5 Ways to Use Your eBook

People write eBooks for a variety of reasons. Some write them because they have an idea they need to get off their chests. Others write them because they dream of one day being a famous author (good luck). Whatever your … Continue reading

6 Reasons to Give Your EBook Away for Free

It’s hard to argue against the fact that the internet has “put power in the hands of the people,” so to speak. There are countless things we used to rely on specialists to do that we can now do all on … Continue reading

The Newbie Guide to White Papers

In the 21st century, it’s crucial that a large portion of your marketing efforts goes towards online avenues. With more and more people turning to the web before making purchase decisions, if you aren’t busy online then you’re going to be … Continue reading

Using Instagram for Your Business

Still trying to figure out if Instagram could be useful for your business? Consider these statistics:   More than 80 million people use Instagram Over 4 billion photos have been uploaded 5 million+ photos are uploaded each day 575 likes … Continue reading