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Why You Need To Link Internally On Your Blog

Normally, when we discuss linking in blogging, the conversation is about building links back to your blog. But in this post, I want to talk about creating a sound internal linking structure for your blog. Internal linking almost always gets … Continue reading

Increase Traffic and Backlinks by Submitting Your RSS Feed To is a site owned by Mark Savoca that I have known about for almost two years. I first discovered the site after glancing at a web site traffic report and noticing some incoming traffic. From that time to now, … Continue reading

Simple 301 Redirects for WordPress

(image from lotus0718) Last week, I wrote a post that contained a list of the latest and greatest WordPress plugins that I have come across. The first plugin on this list was WP-Hive, which allows you to create multiple WordPress … Continue reading

Turn Current Events Into Linkbait

Last Tuesday, TechCrunch published a post titled “In Our Inbox: Hundreds Of Confidential Twitter Documents.” In the post, Michael Arrington explained that they had received 310 different corporate and personal Twitter documents from a hacker. Over the next two days, … Continue reading

How To Increase Your PageRank Quickly

Increasing PageRank can be a huge challenge and can take a lot of hard work, but what if there was an easier way to increase PageRank quickly? There is actually! And, it’s a darn good way too. For a long … Continue reading