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Stop Asking Me To Use Misspelled Keywords In Your Copy

As a copywriter, I deal with a lot of projects that involve SEO copywriting. On these projects, the client will typically send over a sitemap that includes a list of keywords to target on each page. Pretty standard stuff at … Continue reading

5 Steps for Writing Better Sales Copy

In most cases, if you want to sell something, you’ll need to write up some compelling sales copy for the prospect to read. Whether it’s a landing page or a direct mail sales letter, there are certain steps you can … Continue reading

5 Ways to Give Your Copy a Conversational Flow

I’ve often said that great copy creates a conversation with the reader. It doesn’t speak at the reader, it speaks with them. There’s a difference. Conversational copy gives the brand a distinct voice that consumers can connect with. It engages … Continue reading

5 Things Good Copy Does

You might think that copywriting is subjective…that there’s no way to deem one piece of copy good and another piece of copy bad. And to an extent, that’s true. But there are some undeniable traits that good copy has. A … Continue reading

Why Going Cheap with Your Article Writing is a Bad Idea

Despite people constantly writing it off and viewing it as spammy or ineffective, article marketing is still an effective way to increase your search engine presence, build links, and even establish yourself as an expert. Of course, the keys to … Continue reading