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The 5 Reasons Most Press Releases Suck

As a writer, most press releases make me cringe when I read them. I feel like my soul dies a little bit with each one that I read. The simple fact is that most press releases are painfully difficult to … Continue reading

The 5 Reasons Most Website Copy Sucks

As a freelance copywriter, I take on a lot of projects where I have to rewrite web copy for clients. Most of my clients already have websites, but they aren’t performing like they’d hope. In most cases, it’s because the … Continue reading

5 Quick Tips for Writing Like a Pro

I’m not going to lie and tell you that everyone can be a great writer. Writing is just like anything else—some people are great it at, others suck, and everyone else is just average. The good news is that writing … Continue reading

5 Reasons Not To Hire a Cheap Writer

At some point, you may find yourself needing the services of a freelance writer. Maybe you need someone to create sales copy for your website or brochure. Or maybe you need a blogger to create a few posts each week. … Continue reading

The 5 Most Common Landing Page Mistakes I Encounter

As a copywriter, I regularly get clients who want me to critique and rewrite their underperforming landing pages. Having taken on more of these projects than I can remember at this point, I’ve noticed that many people make the same … Continue reading