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How To Write Content For Search Engines

Almost once week I receive an email from a writer explaining that they can provide excellent content that will allow me to rank well in search engines. I am always open minded to evaluating what can be produce, so when … Continue reading

How To Remove and Prevent Duplicate Content From Your WordPress Blog

Google published a post on the Webmaster Central blog today offering some tips on how to recognize and avoid duplicate content on your website. I wanted to offer some specific tips on how to recognize and remove duplicate content on … Continue reading

Reasons Your High Search Engine Rankings Aren’t Adding Up To High Sales

In the world of SEO, conversations always seem to focus on search engine rankings. I often hear SEO “experts” bragging about getting their clients top placement in Google, thus increasing traffic and exposure. While this sounds good on the surface, … Continue reading

RIP Keywords Meta Tag

(image from DynamiX Web Design) Although SEO may be on your mind all day, every day, for the average person, this acronym has no meaning. While the most common response you will receive when asking an average person if they … Continue reading

What is ALLINTITLE Search

In this article we’re going to help answer the question: What is ALLINTITLE search. As you may know,  in my last article I explained about advanced and basic search operators in Google. I then explained how understanding these operators can … Continue reading