How to Make Your Employees Your Best Marketers

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I recently downloaded a free eBook on my iPhone called All Employees Are Marketers. The premise of the book is clear from its title—every employee in your company, from the sales guy to the receptionist, plays a role in marketing your company. If they’re passionate about your company and excel at their positions, your company will have a much easier time acquiring customers, turning them into repeat buyers, and getting them to become your top referrers.

How can you make sure you have a team of employees who really are doing a great job of marketing your company? Here are some simple tips you should try.

  • Make sure all employees understand your marketing message—In All Employees Are Marketers, the author shares a story about a conversation he had with a manager at a big shoe company. He asked the manager what is was that made his company so special, and the guy admitted he didn’t know. He said he dealt more with IT stuff, so he didn’t know the company’s differentiators. Now, imagine when this guy is talking with friends, family, or even prospects about his job. He’s a horrible spokesperson for his company. Everyone at your company should understand your marketing message.
  • Provide ongoing training for improved job performance—Every single person in your company plays a role that in some way effects the customer. The person responsible for billing has to make sure they do their job correctly so they don’t upset the customer. The receptionist has to answer all calls quickly while being friendly and helpful to keep the customer happy. Even the janitor has to make sure everything is clean and presentable for clients who enter your office. Everyone plays a role, and everyone needs to be trained to do their job best.
  • Offer a bonus for referral business—What better way to turn your employees into good marketers than to actually pay them for bringing in new business? By offering an incentive for referrals, you give employees motivation to talk your company up with potential customers.
  • Listen to your employees’ ideas—You might be surprised at just how good some of the ideas are that your employees come up with. They’re the ones engrossed in their job on a daily basis, so they may have ideas for how their job could be done differently to yield more positive results. Or they may have bigger ideas for improving the company as a whole. Let them talk. Even if you don’t use their ideas, they’ll appreciate a work environment where they have a voice.
  • Weed out the bad ones—Let’s face it. A bad employee is going to slip through the crack and get hired every once in a while. It sucks, but it happens. The key is to nip these things in the bud as early on as possible, before the bad employee starts creating bad experiences for your customers. You need to be more proactive in monitoring the performance of your employees, so you can identify the bad apples more easily.

Are the employees at your company doing a good job marketing your brand?

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How to Make Your Employees Your Best Marketers, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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