A Simple Guide to Building Relationships with Bloggers

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As a marketer or business owner, there are many different reasons you should be building relationships with bloggers. Maybe guest blogging is part of your link building and brand building strategy; if you want to get lots of guest blogging opportunities, you should focus on building quality relationships with bloggers. Or maybe you want to get your products reviewed so more people can learn about them; again, connect with bloggers so you can get them to review your products.

The point is that before you ask a blogger to do something for you (e.g. review your product, let you submit a guest post, help you promote an event, etc.) you should ideally already have some sort of relationship in place with them. If a blogger feels like they know you, they’ll be likelier to help you out.

With that in mind, here are a few easy ways you can start building relationships with bloggers.

  • Comment on their posts—Bloggers pay attention to their comments, and over time, they develop relationships with their readers. Make sure you comment often on their posts, but more importantly, make sure you leave high quality comments that get their attention. In other words, don’t just leave a comment that says, “Good post!” Leave insightful comments that show you’ve read the post and that encourage discussion so you can interact with the blogger.
  • Talk to them on Twitter and Facebook—Just about every blogger is active on Twitter and Facebook. Blogging goes hand-in-hand with these things. So, another easy way to start building relationships with bloggers is to engage them on these social networking sites. ReTweet their content, reply to them, leave comments on their Facebook posts, ask them questions…do whatever you can to engage them in some way.
  • Promote their posts—There’s nothing a blogger loves more than to see someone sharing their content. After all, traffic is what keeps their blog up and running, and they’re always grateful when people help promote their posts. So, take a few moments each day to share the latest posts from some of the bloggers you’re trying to connect with. They’re sure to notice.
  • Send them an email—Most bloggers will post their contact information on their website. Dropping a blogger a quick line to introduce yourself and to compliment them on their blog is an easy way to initiate a new relationship.


What are some other ways you can build relationships with bloggers?

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