7 Simple Rules for Keeping Your Customers Happy

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Here are a few statistics I want you to consider:

  • It costs 5 times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one
  • Almost 70% of customers stop doing business if they receive poor service
  • A happy customer will tell 5 people (even more with social media)


I could go on and on with these statistics, but the point is this: Keeping your customers happy is crucial to the health of your business. Happy customers are loyal customers. Loyal customers also often generate referral business, helping you grow your customer base at a low cost.

So, what can you do to keep your customers happy? Here are 7 tips to get you started.


  1. Always keep your promises—There’s nothing worse than being lied to. If you say you’re going to do something, come hell or high water, you’d better do it. It only takes one mistake on your part for you to permanently lose all credibility with a customer. So, always keep your promises.
  2. Do more than they expect—Beyond simply keeping your promises, take things a step further and give your customers more than they expect. This takes you from simply satisfactory to excellent and remarkable. Your goal is to make the customer pause for a moment to say “Wow. This company really went the extra mile for me.”
  3. Reward loyal customers—Simply saying “thanks” can go a long way to making a customer feel appreciated so they keep coming back. Rewarding your customers can be as simple as giving them a special discount, or it can even mean sending them a special gift in the mail.
  4. Be great every time—Consistency is one of the most overlooked aspects in achieving customer satisfaction. Customers want to know exactly what they’re going to get from you when they buy your products and services. Don’t make them doubt you by being inconsistent. Strive to be great every time.
  5. Ask your customers for suggestions—If you’re really serious about making sure your customers are happy, just go right out and ask them what you can do to accomplish this. A good way to do this is to send them a survey after a transaction where they can grade your performance and make suggestions as to how they feel you can service them better. Make sure you actually take these suggestions to heart rather than just filing them away somewhere.
  6. Solve problems immediately—When a customer complains, you should address the problem head on to find a solution. Don’t waste time trying to pass the blame onto someone else or by arguing back and forth with the customer. The customer only wants you to solve the problem, so hurry up and do it.
  7. Be easy to contact—Few things are more frustrating than being unable to contact a company when you have a question or complaint. Make it as easy as possible to get in touch with someone from your company. Publish all your contact information on every page of your website, and do your best to respond to emails as quickly as possible.


What do you do to make certain your customers are happy? Share your best tips in the replies.

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7 Simple Rules for Keeping Your Customers Happy, 3.3 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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