Why That Great Blog Post Failed to Go Viral

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You already know that one of the keys to publishing a blog post that goes viral is to have high-quality, interesting content that readers respond strongly to and want to share. But having great content is only part of the battle. You can create a truly amazing post and still fail at driving tons of traffic to it. What I’m saying is this: Just because you build (write) it, doesn’t mean they (readers) will come.

Chances are that you’ve probably written some really great blog posts…posts that you were certain would go viral, but just didn’t. Why did that great blog post fail to catch on? Here are some possible reasons.


  • Your content is difficult to share—You have to make it as easy as possible for your readers to share your content. Make sure you have all the basic social media sharing buttons on your blog, and be sure they’re in a place where they’re easily visible.
  • You aren’t encouraging others to spread the word—You’ve written a great post, so you think everyone will automatically share it all across Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, the blogosphere, email, etc. WRONG. Just like anything else, if you want people to do something, you need to ask them to do it. Encourage your blog readers to share the post.
  • You don’t have a strong network of promoters—For a blog post to go viral, you need a bunch of people to share it. One of the keys to success is to get the ball rolling quickly by having your network of friends, colleagues, and fellow marketers push it out to their networks. Of course, if you don’t have a strong network in place, you won’t be able to get the ball rolling and your post won’t spread very far.
  • You just ran into bad luck—You can’t always manufacture viral marketing success on your blog. Sure, there are many things you can do to put yourself in the best possible position for a post to go viral, but it still takes a pinch of luck for it to actually happen. And Lady Luck isn’t always going to be on your side. Sometimes, you’ll create truly great content that really should have been a smash hit, but it just doesn’t work out. That’s just how it goes sometimes.


What are some other reasons that great blog posts fail to attain viral success?

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Why That Great Blog Post Failed to Go Viral, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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