Why Infographics Make Excellent Linkbait

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Infographics have fast become one of the most popular styles of linkbait. Savvy marketers and bloggers are using infographics to drive traffic and get inbound links.

Here are some of the reasons infographics make excellent linkbait.


  • They can be read quickly—The attention span of internet users is getting shorter and shorter by the moment. People have so many different things vying for their attention, so it’s your job to get your message across to them as quickly as possible. Infographics are excellent for this because they trim all the fat. There’s no introduction, no extensive commentary. Just short, easy-to-understand points.
  • They appeal to visual learners—The graphical element of infographics allows you to reach an audience that wouldn’t read the information if you typed it up in a blog post or a report. Many people find visuals helpful for learning, so an infographic lets you share your message in a format they can easily understand.
  • They’re easy to share—Infographics are made to be shared. There’s a reason you see infographics constantly hitting the front page of sites like Digg and ReddIt. Heck, not an hour goes by that I don’t see a link to an infographic in my Twitter feed.
  • They often trigger an emotional response—The best infographics grab you on an emotional level. Maybe, they make you laugh. Or maybe, they share some information that angers you. Or they could just shock you and make you say “Wow! I didn’t know that.”
  • They share interesting information—A good infographic offers really interesting, unique information. The statistics and facts are usually surprising to most people, and they put things into an interesting perspective to make the data even more compelling.


Have you ever used an infographic as linkbait? Share your experiences by leaving a comment. 

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Why Infographics Make Excellent Linkbait, 2.8 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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