What to do When Your Blog Isn’t Growing

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At some point, every blogger falls into a rut. You get to this point where it’s the same people commenting on every post, each post gets roughly the same number of ReTweets and the same amount of traffic, and nothing exciting ever really seems to happen.

In short, your blog stops growing. And no matter how often you water it with new posts, it just seems to have reached its limit.

But we all know that there are more potential readers out there. I don’t care how many readers your blog has, it can have more. No blog reaches every potential member of its target audience.

So what can you do when your blog has stopped growing?

  • Harness the power of guest blogging—This goes both ways. Not only should you start guest blogging on other blogs throughout your industry, but you should also start allowing people to guest post on your blog. This increases your profile and helps to bring new readers to your blog. If you’re already a guest blogger, focus on guest posting on blogs where you haven’t yet been an author. The goal is to reach new readers.
  • Slow down the rate of promotion—I know it seems counterintuitive to stop promoting your blog if you want it to grow, but hear me out. There is such a thing as over-promotion. If you’re constantly emailing all of your contacts asking them to RT your posts and vote for them on various social news websites, they’re going to quickly get sick of you and stop helping out. Use your network sparingly to get the best possible results.
  • Focus on building out your network—Speaking of your network, a lot of us get to a point to where we stop worrying about making new contacts. You should never stop building out your network. The more influencers you can befriend, the further your promotional efforts will go. Identify the influencers in your niche and start to build relationships with them.
  • Survey your readers—It’s good to get graded every once in a while. Give your readers the opportunity to share their feedback about the general direction of your blog. Find out which topics appeal to them most, and ask them what you can do to make your blog even better.

These are just a few of the ways to inject life into a blog that’s grown stale. What’s your best tip?

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