What to Do When the Blogging Well Runs Dry

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There’s no doubt about it. When it comes to business blogging, the key is to produce quality content on a consistent basis. That means you set a schedule for posting and you stick to it. The constant flow of fresh content will:

  • Increase the likelihood of getting ranked in search engines, as they continue to put more emphasis on useful, fresh content.
  • Grow your readership. After all, no one likes a blog with infrequent posts.
  • Get you noticed, as the more quality content you put out, the greater the chances that your content will get shared and spread to new audiences.

But that being said, I fully realize that this is easier said than done. When you are blogging weekly, or even daily, the day is bound to come where you find yourself staring at your computer thinking, “what the heck could I possibly tell these people that hasn’t been said a million times over?”

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It happens to the best of us. When you visit that well over and over, eventually it has to run dry. But don’t fret, rain is on its way. Here are a few tips to get your mind pumping with fresh ideas in this new year.

Revisit Your Products

Yes, you’ve probably named every feature you can possibly think of about your products and services. And you’re certain everyone is sick of hearing about them. While you are probably right to a degree (no one wants to read about you all the time), don’t think that you can’t blog about your goods from time to time. However, remember that the average person could care less about you. Sure they want to know about you, but only enough to know how you can help them out.

That said, consider highlighting the benefits of your products and services in a post. As a matter of fact, rather than rattling off an entire list, split it up. Maybe write a series of blog posts, each featuring on a key benefit you offer. That way you can really develop your ideas, your readers can get a better notion of how you can assist them, and you have turned one blog post (“The Top 5 Benefits of Blah Blah”) into 4 or 5 blog posts.

Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Outside Your Little Box

You hear that you need to “think outside of the box” all the time. But what exactly does that mean? Does that mean you have to come up with some sort of brilliant, new idea? Not necessarily. As business bloggers, we tend to get stuck in our little circle. We blog about things directly related to our business—that’s our box. However, if you want to get the juices flowing, take a step out. Maybe think about products and services that are loosely related to yours and comment on them.

For example, I recently did some work for a company that sells protective lenses for medical professionals. They deal with eyewear only. However, since doctors and dentists are likely reading their blog, they might consider writing about other things that would interest them. Maybe there’s a new patient chair for dentists’ offices. Perhaps a new medical procedure just came out and is revolutionizing the industry. If you can make the connection, roll with it.

Just Ask

Maybe that next big blog post isn’t in your head. Perhaps it’s in someone else’s. Since you’re probably active on social media, why not put some feelers out and ask your followers for ideas. What are they interested in? Do they have any questions they would like you to answer? You could even open up the door for possible guest posting opportunities to mix things up.

Do You Have Any Ideas?

What do you do when the blogging well runs dry? Tell me about it in the replies!


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