Tips for Getting More Out of Your Old Blog Content

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If you’re like most bloggers, you write a post, promote it, and forget about it after a few days. What a waste! Great blog content doesn’t have to be thrown away after a few hours of glory. There are several things you can do to get more from your old blog content.

Follow these tips below to get started.

•    Link Back to Old Content—The easiest way to keep your old content from fading away is to link back to it in future posts. Now, there are some rules for doing this properly. Don’t just include links to old posts for the sake of doing so. Only link when it makes sense to. For example, if I had written a post in the past about best linking practices, I could link to it in this section. That way, the reader would be able to explore the topic further. Linking to old posts is a good practice because it keeps readers on your site. The longer they stay on your site, the better.

•    Keep Responding to Incoming Comments—I’ll admit it—this is an area I’ve fallen short in. Occassionally, posts from weeks or months ago will get a new comment. This is usually from someone who comes across the post via a search engine. Since it’s an old post, your initial reaction might be just to approve the comment and ignore it. Don’t make this mistake. Try to keep the conversation going by responding to every comment, no matter how old the post is. This will keep the reader coming back, and it will prevent the old post from being forgotten.

•    Write a Follow Up Post—
A lot of times, I’ll write a post about a topic, thinking I’ve said everything I can about the subject. But as time passes, I learn new things or realize there were certain additions I could have made to the post. In these cases, a follow up post is necessary. Follow up posts are good for a few reasons. First, they allow you to bring traffic to the original post. Furthermore, they show your readers that you’re providing them with the most current and detailed information on the topic by updating your post. Lastly, they keep the conversation going which is the most important thing for the success of any blog.

•    Re-Promote Old Content—For most bloggers, after you write a new post, you promote it via Twitter, Digg, ReddIt, and other social media sites. Then, after a day or so, it’s forgotten. One good way to keep your old content fresh is to re-promote it. Send out a Tweet with a link promoting an old piece. Have your friends help you push old content throughout various networks. The point is this: you don’t have to let your old posts die.

What do you do to keep your old blog posts from fading into oblivion? Tell me in the replies.

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