Obsession: Another Blogging Prerequisite

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To continue along with the series of posts that point out single words that are important to blogging – passion and authority – I’d like to add another one into the mix: obsession. Yes, this is related to passion, and some out there may be able to blog effectively without being totally overcome by their blogs, but if you’re serious about running a blog, a little obsession should creep through. Really, obsession applies to any type of marketing: even if you don’t blog, per se, you should still be aggressive about getting the word out through comments, directories, and other avenues explored on the SEO Hosting blog.

Signs that you are obsessed with your blog:

You think about posting all the time. When you’re at dinner, your wife or significant other asks you “A penny for your thoughts,” and you don’t have the heart to say, “Do follow commenting.”

I kid but if you’re really serious about blogging, it’s likely going to overtake you to the point where you’re going to be thinking about new things to blog all the time. Really, you have to in order to sustain the blog’s momentum. When it really becomes a problem is when something bad happens and you think, “Hey! I can blog this!” or worse yet, seeking out things that are against your best interest in order to have something to blog.

Another sign: You check your web stats a lot. A LOT. It can be very satisfying to see that your stats are improving after all your hard work. The irony is that obsessive stat checking can actually get in the way of improving and marketing the blog.

When you break it down, blogging isn’t all that different from other artforms. Anyone who’s written a novel probably has gotten obsessed with the process – it was the main thing that mattered for a time. The issue with blogging, however, is that it’s open-ended. It’s like writing a novel or work of non-fiction that has no end. Which means it’s very hard – if not downright unhealthy – to sustain that degree of obsession over an extended period. So you need to take periodic breaks to regroup.

But to blog you’ve got to do some basic things:

  1. Blog regularly
  2. Comment on other blogs regularly. This means finding new blogs to comment on.
  3. Add the site to the thousands of possible directories (blogs can be added to non-blog directories).
  4. Add blog entries to social networks as well as other people’s entries – in addition to adding friends, commenting, and otherwise being an active participant.
  5. Email other bloggers to build relationships for link trades, guest posts, to be part of the community.

The first four are imperative and if you’re not duly obsessed – if you don’t believe in “the cause” of blogging – you’re not going to be able to sustain the energy to read and comment on countless blogs/plug blog info into directories/or add entries to the dozens of social networks.

The core to this obsession is two things: you care about the topic and you think it matters. If you don’t think you’re adding anything relevant to the discussion, your obsession is going to dry up. Even if you’re just obsessed with blogging or marketing to drive traffic to a business’s website, that’s fine – so long as you have a driving force, some ambition, that should be enough. But you have to be continuing with those five principles mentioned above because that’s the only way to see your traffic improve. And if you’re not progressing via traffic and/or revenue, it’s going to be very hard to justify any extra work on the site.

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