How to Make Your Guest Blogging Pitch

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I’ve spent quite a bit of time on this blog singing the praises of guest blogging. Guest posting on other blogs offers a range of benefits, including increased traffic to your website, link building and SEO gains, authority building, and so much more.

But before you can land a guest posting opportunity on another blog, you have to first reach out to the blogger and make your pitch. Essentially, you need to convince the blogger that you have something to submit to their blog that they just can’t resist publishing.

Now, you have to remember that most bloggers receive pitches from guest posters on a regular basis. So, just because you send your pitch doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get your guest post accepted.

That’s why it’s so important that you take the time to refine your pitch so that it stands out from the others and accomplishes the goal of getting you a slot as a guest blogger.

Here are some simple tips for making a great guest blogging pitch.


  • Read the blog and comment before making your pitch—You have to spend time familiarizing yourself with the blog you’re targeting before you make a pitch. Read several of the posts and comments to get a feel for the type of content the readers respond to best. You can also spend a week or so before making your pitch commenting on posts so that the blogger starts to recognize your name.
  • Address the blogger by name—Whenever possible, address the blogger by his or her first name in your pitch. This adds a personal touch to your pitch, showing the blogger that you know who he or she is.
  • State your expertise—Let the blogger know who you are, what your credentials are, and what you have to offer. Why would any blogger allow a guest post from someone who has no impressive qualifications? State your expertise loud and clear.
  • Explain why your post would appeal to their audience—The biggest thing missing from most guest posting pitches is the answer to the all important question “Why would my readers care?” At the end of the day, all the blogger wants to know is how your post will benefit his or her blog. How will it fit in? Why will the readers like it?
  • Keep it short—Your pitch shouldn’t be long. Most bloggers don’t have time to read through a longwinded pitch. Keep it to 2-3 short paragraphs, and focus only on the essentials.

Have you ever made a successful guest posting pitch to another blogger? Share your pitch and your best tips by leaving a comment below.


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