How to Keep Coming Up with SEO Content Ideas

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It’s no secret that creating new content is one of the keys to improving your search engine rankings. New content allows you to target new keywords; it gives the search engines fresh content; and the frequent updates to your website build trust with the search engines. But coming up with ideas for new articles can be challenging. If you’re experiencing writer’s block, there is hope.

Here are some tips for creating new search engine friendly content ideas.


  • Watch Your Tweets- If you don’t already have a Twitter account, you need to get one ASAP. Once you have your Twitter account setup, follow other key players in your industry. You’ll be able to take part in interesting conversations about your industry, and this could generate some new ideas for content on your website. Always be analyzing your tweets for new, fresh ideas.


  • Conduct a Blog Search- The Google blog search feature provides a really great way to come up with new content for your blog or website. Simply search for relevant keywords and a list of recent blog posts will come up with the results. Browse through the blogs to see what the latest topics of interest are, and write about one that you haven’t covered yet. Don’t just copy what everyone else is saying about the subject; come up with your own opinion on the matter so that your article is truly unique.



  • Study Your Comments- If you have a blog, take the time to look through some of your old comments. I’ve found that readers actually present some of the best topics for future blogs and articles. They won’t come right out and say “Hey, you should write about…” but they will often mention something that you can analyze further in a future article. Talk about writing for your audience!


  • Redo Your Keyword Research- Keyword research shouldn’t be just a one time event. You should always be mining for new, relevant keywords to drive more traffic to your site. If it’s been a while since you last conducted keyword research, use a keyword suggestion tool to see what you’ve missed. You’re bound to find a few really good phrases you aren’t yet targeting, and those keywords will give you ideas for new search engine friendly content.


  • Visit an Answers Website- Another effective method of harvesting new content ideas is to browse a question and answer website. Sites like Yahoo Answers allows users to pose questions to the community. Not only will answering these questions help you build authority, but it will also allow you to develop new ideas for articles on your website. By providing content that gives answers to your audience’s questions, you’ll be seen as a true resource for your industry.


How do you think of new ideas for website content? Share them with us—you just might help a fellow reader eliminate writer’s block!



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