How to Create Enough Quality Content for Daily Blog Posting

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For the record, I’ve never bought into the theory that you have to post fresh content on a daily basis to be a successful blogger. Quality always trumps quantity, but there is something to be said for updating your blog on a daily basis. You’ll see more traffic, engage your readers more often, and be more relevant as you cover the latest topics.

So, if you’re really serious about providing your readers with great content every day, here are some tips to help you do it.


  • Find a theme for each day of the week—Daily themes can help you easily generate post ideas for each day of the week, and the themes will train readers on what type of content to expect each day. For instance, every Friday, you could do a roundup post counting down the most interesting blog posts and news articles from around the web related to your niche.
  • Become a voracious reader—Blogging 5 times a week (Mon-Fri) 52 weeks a year means you’re going to eventually have a hard time coming up with fresh ideas for your blog. That’s where being a good reader will help. Follow other blogs in your field. Keep up with the news. Read industry-related books. The more you read, the easier the ideas will come.
  • Accept guest posts—You’ll probably have a hard time keeping up with writing on your blog every single day. Even the hardest working among us needs a break now and then. By allowing others to submit guest posts to your blog, you get fresh content without having to write it yourself.
  • Write from your heart—When you write from the heart, you’ll find it’s much easier to blog. The words just seem to flow out. Stop trying to be so logical, and just write about what you’re feeling. Let your voice shine through. Write about your personal experiences and share your real, unfiltered opinions. This type of content will resonate better with your readers anyway.
  • Add new life to old posts—Go back through your blog. Are there any old posts that could use some updating? Chances are, you’ll be able to recycle old posts in some form or fashion, saving you time and energy as you provide daily content.


Do you post content daily on your blog? Why or why not?

Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. 

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How to Create Enough Quality Content for Daily Blog Posting, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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