Emergency Last Resort To Recovering Your Blog

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As blogging increases in popularity so will the number of blogs that bite the dust. If you have a Blogger.com or a WordPress.com blog, then you might not have to worry too much about your blog crashing completely to the point of where you can’t recover it. However, the same can’t be said for self-hosted WordPress blogs.

Self-hosted WordPress blogs have the tendency to break and crash more often. If you’re running a self-hosted WordPress blog,  you should be making daily back ups of your blog. If you’d like to learn more about backing up your WordPress blog, plenty of information following these two links:



Instead I want to show you a last resort way  to recover your blog if your data has been completely LOST.

This method involves using Google. Whether you like it or not, and whether your site is SEO’ed, optimized, or sprinkled with sugar on top, 99 times out of 100, Google has a copy of your content. In fact, one of the things I find so funny about SEO is the fact that it’s actually more difficult to prevent Google from finding your content than getting your content indexed.

At any rate, If you’ve completely screwed your blog to the point to where you can’t even recover the data, simply do a cache search in Google. The first thing you want to do is do a SITE search for your domain. We’ll use my personal blog as an example:

Picture 5


Doing so will deliver all the pages that Google has in their index for your domain. In my case, I have around 2,400 records.

Now, if you take notice to each listing, you’ll see the Cached – Similar link next to the URL. If you click on the Cached link you’ll see that Google has an entire copy of the page indexed. Here is a cached copy of my home page:

Picture 7

So if you completely lose your entire blog and your data absolutely can not be recovered, you can totally count on extracting the copy that Google has saved for you. Depending on how valubale your content is will reflect on how much manual labor you’re willing to invest into recovering the data. Even still, isn’t it nice to know that Google has your back?

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