Don’t Be a Drive-By Guest Blogger

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Whenever the conversation focuses on guest blogging, we typically discuss its benefits and how you can get the most guest blogging opportunities. But one important thing that needs to be discussed is what to do after your guest post is accepted and published. I’ll tell you what you don’t do—You don’t act like a drive-by guest blogger.

What’s a drive-by guest blogger? It’s someone who disappears once their guest post is published. Typically, drive-by guest bloggers are consumed with getting as many guest blogging opportunities as they can so they can get more backlinks and more recognition. So, they don’t put much time into managing relationships with bloggers, and they don’t really have great guest blogger etiquette.

So, how can you make sure you’re not acting like a drive-by guest blogger?

  • Promote your guest post by every means possible—You want to make your guest post as successful as possible so the blogger will have you back and others will want your guest posts too. So, when a guest post of yours is published, share it on all your social networking profiles, link to it from your own blog, email it to your list, and so on.
  • Respond to comments—Your work as a blogger isn’t just writing posts. You also have to interact with the readers in the comments section. This is a great opportunity to make new connections, establish yourself as an expert, and attract new readers to your own blog.
  • Thank the blog owner—Nobody owes you anything, so when a blogger accepts your guest post, thank them. People like feeling appreciated, and a simple thank you will go a long way.
  • Keep in contact with the blog owner—Relationship management is such a very important task, but too many times, we ignore it or only do it halfheartedly. I’m a firm believer that your network is one of your most valuable assets, so it’s important to build and maintain these key relationships. With that in mind, make sure you keep in touch with the blog owner so that relationship will continue to grow and be of value to you.


What are some other things you should do after your guest post gets published? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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