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Yesterday, Search Engine People announced that they were releasing a new WordPress plugin. The plugin, which is one hundred percent free, is called the Blog Link and Traffic Analysis Plugin.

So, what exactly does the Blog Link and Traffic Analysis Plugin do? Well, as Jeff Quipp (of Search Engine People) explained in his post last week (which mentioned that they were going to be releasing this plugin):

“indexes all blog posts on a site, tracks how many visitors each gets over the previous 3 month period, the number of inbound links to each from external sites, which then helps you measure the ongoing success of each post. Finally, the Blog Recycler plugin then gives you the option to 301 redirect each post to another post.”

Obviously, if you use any kind of analytics and SEO programs (whether they are free or paid programs), you can obtain this same information. However, I still think this is an incredibly useful plugin for any blogger.

First of all, in order to get all of this information, you would most likely need to use at least two programs or tools (one analytics and one SEO; if there is another single program or tool that can gather all of this data, feel free to share it in the comments below).

Second, while you can gain a ton of useful information from a quality analytics program (as I have discussed in previous posts), it can be time consuming to dig up and organize all of the information that is collected by analytics program.

The beauty of this plugin is that it not only collects all of this information, but it organizes it in a way that is very easy to view and digest (not to mention that it is directly in your WordPress dashboard). Then, to top things off, once you have reviewed this information, you can directly take action on it by using the 301 redirect feature that is built into this plugin.

In case you are wondering why you would want to use the 301 redirect feature, Jeff has the answer for you:

“Now you can start to see those posts that get very little traffic, though have great inbound link equity. These are prime candidates for 301 redirection to more “current” posts struggling to rank.”

If you decide to download and install this plugin (which I highly recommend), there are just two things to keep in mind:

1. This plugin will only start storing information once it is installed, so it will take some time before you have any useful information at your disposal

2. You will need a Yahoo! API Key to use this plugin (information on getting one can be found at Search Engine People)

In addition to sharing your initial impressions of this plugin below, feel free to bookmark this post and come back down the road once you have really been able to get some use out of this plugin!

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