Are You a Blog Comment Spammer?

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Blog comment spammers have been around as long as blogging itself. It wasn’t all that long ago that “blog comment marketing” was seen by some as a great way to build links and drive traffic back to targeted websites. Personally, I always thought it was a spammy tactic, and most people now agree with that sentiment.

That’s not to say that I don’t think there are any benefits to leaving comments on other blogs. On the contrary, leaving thoughtful comments that add to the conversation can be a good way to increase name recognition, build your credibility, and grow your network. But the way some marketers approach blog comment marketing (leave as many comments on as many different blogs as possible) is what irks me.

Are you a blog comment spammer? If you do any of the following, you might be one.


  • You use a keyword as your name—If you’re going to leave comments on other blogs, use your real name. Don’t be the guy who uses a keyword in the name field so that you can build a keyword-rich link back to your website. It’s spammy, and the link will carry little value anyway.
  • Your comments add no value to the conversation—Comments like “nice post” or “this was really interesting!” are meaningless, spammy, and add no value to the conversation. If you’re going to leave a comment, take the time to come up with something that gets a conversation started. Share your real opinions on the subject. Respond to something specific in the post. Engage with the author and the other commenters.
  • You blast the exact same comment out to dozens of blogs—Blog comment spammers are notorious for coming up with a few generic comments and posting them on every blog in their niche. Comments should always be specific to the post at hand. If you’re not addressing something that was brought up in the post, you’re more than likely a comment spammer.
  • You pitch your products or services in the comment—The comments section on someone else’s blog is NOT the place to advertise your products and services. If you want to advertise on someone else’s blog, pay for an ad slot. Otherwise, stop spamming.


So, are you a blog comment spammer? What are some of the other things comment spammers do? Share your thoughts by leaving a (non-spammy) comment!

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