A Challenge to All Bloggers: 10 Goals for 2010

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Goals are what keep us motivated to blog day in and day out. They give us direction for where we want to take our blog, and they force us to become better bloggers.

Now, I know I’m a little late on the whole New Year’s resolution thing, but we’re still in January, so there’s plenty of time to set some blogging goals for 2010. If you’re a blogger, I encourage you to challenge yourself to meet all of these goals by year’s end. Good luck!

  1. Write a post that gets ReTweeted at least 350 times—Twitter is a powerful tool for driving traffic to your blog, but to be successful, you must get people to ReTweet (RT) your content. Start by placing a TweetMeme button on your blog, and then find creative ways to encourage people to RT your content.
  2. Increase your subscriber base by 50%–Many blogs are graded by how many subscribers they have. The idea is that the people who subscribe to your blog are loyal readers who truly value your opinion. Check out these 7 reasons no one subscribes to your blog.
  3. Get at least one back link from a top 10 blog in your niche—I’ve always said that I’d take 10 high-quality back links over 100 low-grade ones every time. So, this year, let’s focus on quality over quantity in our link-building efforts.
  4. Write a post that gets 75 or more comments—The interaction of blogging is what makes it such a powerful medium. When your blog attracts a lot of comments, it shows that your readers are engaged. If you want to figure out how to reach this goal, start by reading these 9 easy ways to get more blog comments.
  5. Guest post on 3 high-profile blogs in your niche—By now, you already know the benefits of guest posting on other blogs. Guest posting opportunities are all around us, and this year I want to challenge you to set your sights higher by trying to guest post on 3 of the top blogs in your niche.
  6. Increase your search engine traffic by 50%–Put SEO fundamentals into practice with every post you write, and you should be able to reach this goal.
  7. Double your blogging revenue—Whether you’re making money through affiliate marketing or by selling ad space, you should always be striving to earn more.
  8. Post more than 150 times—Now, I don’t want to turn this into a quantity over quality thing, but I think 150 posts in a year is a reasonable goal for most bloggers. That’s fewer than 3 posts per week.
  9. Publish a whitepaper/eBook that attracts 500 downloads—Free eBooks or whitepapers can provide numerous benefits, including growing your email list and increasing your authority. Check out these tips for getting more eBook downloads.
  10. Increase your unique daily views by 30%–Promoting your posts on Twitter, Facebook, social voting sites, and other social media channels can help you attract more unique page views.


Are you ready to take the challenge? Join in by sending a trackback from your blog or leaving a comment in the replies.

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Rating: 2.8/5 (2 votes cast)
A Challenge to All Bloggers: 10 Goals for 2010, 2.8 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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