8 Ways to Become a More Productive Blogger

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Let’s face it: Most bloggers suck at being productive. They stare at a blank computer screen for a while, check their email, chat it up on Facebook and Twitter, grab a bite to eat, write a few words, and repeat. Hours later, they finally have something resembling a blog post.

There must be a better way, right? Thankfully, there is. It starts by following these 8 simple tips for becoming a more productive blogger.

  1. Write down your ideas—If you blog regularly, you’re always trying to come up with new things to write about. You may have noticed that ideas tend to strike you at the weirdest times and in the strangest places. An idea for a new post might hit you while you’re shopping at the grocery store. It might enter your brain just as you’re ready to go to sleep. Whenever you get a new idea, write it down immediately. It doesn’t matter if you put in a notebook or make a memo on your phone, just make sure you save the idea somewhere so you’ll have a starting point the next time you write a post.

  3. Outline your posts before you start writing—While some writers find outlines restricting, I find that they help me stay focused so I can deliver my message clearly and concisely. Outlining your posts before you begin writing gives you direction so that you don’t find yourself staring at a blank monitor for hours at a time.

  5. Eliminate distractions—If you want to get your new blog post done as quickly as possible, you have to eliminate distractions.
    • Close out internet tabs that don’t have anything to do with writing your new post
    • Turn off the TV
    • Stop checking your text messages

  7. Give yourself a break when you earn it—When writing for long periods of time, you sometimes get to the point that the Law of Diminishing Returns kicks in. In other words, your productivity and quality of writing starts to decrease because you’re getting tired. Whenever you’ve been writing for a while, give yourself a well-deserved break. Go grab a snack, or head outside to enjoy a few minutes of fresh air. Just don’t make your break too long or else you’ll never get back to work.

  9. Find your favorite times to write—We all have different times throughout the day when we’re most productive. Some bloggers like to do their writing early in the morning. Others are most productive when burning the midnight oil. Find your favorite time to write, and schedule your blogging accordingly.

  11. Set a deadline—If you don’t treat your blog as something that needs to be done, you’ll never get around to writing. You’ll keep telling yourself, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” That’s why setting deadlines is so important. It forces you to stop screwing around and to start writing. Set realistic deadlines you are capable of meeting, and stick to them.

  13. Create the perfect writing environment—I prefer writing my blogs in silence. Other bloggers that I know like to have music on when they write. And others like to do their writing at a coffee shop. Figure out what your perfect writing environment is, and create it so you can get your work done.

  15. Practice writing regularly—Writing is just like anything else. The more you do it, the better you become. I like to write every single day so that I continue to improve my skills and find new ways to increase my productivity. Practice. Practice. Practice.


How do you stay productive as a blogger? Share your best tips in the replies.

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8 Ways to Become a More Productive Blogger, 4.3 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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