7 Tips for Making Your Blog Stand Out from the Rest

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There are literally hundreds of millions of blogs online right now. These blogs cover every topic imaginable, and more are still being created every day. What does this mean for you as a blogger? It means you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. And no, I’m not talking about using some cheap gimmick to grab attention for a few seconds. I’m talking about ways to separate yourself from the pack for true, long-term blogging success.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. Be Yourself—Let’s start with the easiest tip. What’s the quickest way to distinguish yourself from other bloggers? It’s simple: just be yourself. Sure, it sounds a little cheesy, but it’s the one thing nobody else can do. You’re a unique individual with your own tone and your own insights. Don’t try to be everything to all people. Just blog the way you talk. Share your true feelings, not just what’s the popular point of view.
  2. Approach Your Niche Differently—Now, a lot of people will say you can stand out by finding a new niche to write about. But let’s face it: there is a blog on every subject imaginable. So, since you can’t find a new topic to write about, find a new way to approach it. Perhaps you can approach the topic with a humorous slant. Or maybe you can focus on creating video blogs on the subjects. The key here is not to do the same old content that you can find anywhere else.
  3. Build Relationships with Your Readers—One of the best ways to make sure your readers keep coming back is to build relationships with them. Interact with them in the comments section, and let them know their opinion is valued. If your readers feel they have some sort of investment in your blog, they’ll be likely to keep coming back time and time again. On the other hand, if you ignore your readers, they’ll have no attachment, and they’ll forget you just like you forget them.
  4. Promote Your Blog Like Crazy—With so much competition in the blogosphere, you have to be willing to promote your blog like a madman if you want to ever stand out. Obviously, this includes using all of the available social media channels (Twitter, ReddIt, Digg, Mixx, etc.) It also means using methods like guest blogging to increase your visibility. Marketing your blog is something you need to remain committed to over the long haul. It’s a constant process that slowly builds over time.
  5. Focus on the Title—If you’re involved in social media at all, you likely come across hundreds of links to various blog posts each day. What determines which links you click on? For me, it’s the title. If the title is compelling and unique, there’s a good chance I’ll click it. If it’s boring and non-descriptive, rest assured that I’ll never click the link. Focus on creating titles that make people click.
  6. If Your Aren’t First, Be the Best—Too many bloggers think success requires being the first to cover a breaking industry story. I say, don’t worry so much about being the first. Instead, worry about being the best. The beauty is in the details. Dig deeper in your stories than any of your fellow bloggers. Ask questions that no one else is asking. This is the kind of blogging that will earn you a reputation as the best in your niche.
  7. Don’t Forget Design—Of course, you can’t have a conversation about making a blog stand out without talking about design. You need to make sure your blog visually stands out from the pack as well. Get a unique blog theme designed that readers instantly associate with your blog when they see it.

How do you stand out as a blogger? Tell me your tips in the replies!

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7 Tips for Making Your Blog Stand Out from the Rest, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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