7 Reasons No One Subscribes to Your Blog

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While the number of subscribers isn’t the only important blog statistic, no one wants to manage a blog that has 0 subscribers. After all, it’s not exactly a sounding endorsement of your content if no one chooses to follow it.


So, it all leads up to the big question—why isn’t anyone following your blog? There isn’t one simple answer to this question. That’s why I’ve come up with this list of 7 reasons no one subscribes to your blog.


1. Your Content Sucks- Okay, so this might sound a little harsh, but one potential reason for a lack of subscribers is your content just isn’t that great. Most of the time, poor content is a result of “me too” blogging. Some bloggers are happy to play it safe rather than stepping out and saying something new. Before you post, always ask yourself if the content adds value to your field. If not, rethink your topic or your approach to it.

2. Your Posts are Advertisements- I could have included this with the first reason, but it deserves its own section. Sure, the ultimate point of your blog might be to promote your brand, but you shouldn’t be writing posts that are nothing more than advertisements. Here’s why: readers won’t subscribe to advertisements. Who wants to read post after post about how great your company is? Again, it’s all about adding value. Self-promotional posts don’t add value, and they won’t get you subscribers.

3. Your Subscribe Button is Hidden- Assuming your content is great, another reason no one is subscribing could be that they don’t know how. Think of your “subscribe now” button as your blog’s call to action. If it’s hidden, no one will ever take the action you desire. Instead, feature your subscribe button in an easy-to-see location above the fold. By making it easy to subscribe to your blog, you give yourself a better chance of boosting your subscriber base.

4. You Don’t Optimize Your Posts- While you don’t want your blog to turn into a keyword-stuffed, useless content directory, you also don’t want to completely ignore SEO. The search engines love fresh content. Simply optimizing your posts for relevant terms improves the amount of traffic you receive, and it increases your chances of earning new subscribers.

5. You Post too Infrequently- I doubt I’m the only one who’s unsubscribed from a blog because they updated rarely. Not only does updating infrequently lose your readers’ attention, but it also sends the message that you don’t really care about your blog. And if you aren’t committed to your blog, how can you expect anyone else to be?

6. You Post too Much- Now this might seem like a contradiction to the above point, but let me clarify. Posting a lot is good if all of your posts are of high value. Unfortunately, many binge posts lack quality. It seems they’re published just for the sake of keeping the blog in the forefront of the readers’ minds. And no one wants to be bombarded with constant posts that aren’t great.

7. You Don’t Market Your Blog- A blog is just like any other property, you need to market it to get it the attention it deserves. You can’t just sit blogging away in your little world expecting readers to suddenly show up. You need to promote your blog through social media sites, guest blogging, linking out, commenting, and other techniques.

Now, go out there and get some more blog subscribers!

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7 Reasons No One Subscribes to Your Blog, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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