6 Ways You Can Be a Better Guest Blogger

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Guest blogging is one of the best tools for promoting your blog and building links. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about posting on other blogs. If you do things the wrong way, you’ll sabotage your marketing efforts, and as a result, you’ll have a hard time finding more guest blogging opportunities.

So, to keep you from making an ass of yourself, I’ve come up with 6 ways you can be a better guest blogger. Feel free to add your own tips by leaving a comment!

  1. Study the blog before making a pitch—The more you know about the blog, the blogger, and the blog’s audience, the more tailored your pitch will be. Spend some time reading through old posts on the blog. Get a feel for the tone of the blog. Check out the comments too so you can see how the readers respond and interact. Look for topics that fit on the blog but that haven’t been covered extensively yet.
  2. Make a clear pitch with a strong idea—Now that you’ve done your homework, it’s time to make your pitch. Don’t just say, “Hey, I’m Joe, and I want to submit a guest post. By the way, I do get a link back right?” That’s not going to fly. You need to have a clear pitch that tells the blogger who you are, what you can bring to his blog, and what you want to write about. Keep it short, clear, and to the point. And really sell yourself and your idea, because if you’re not excited about it, why should the blogger want to publish it?
  3. Don’t throw together a post just for a link—Yes, guest blogging is a powerful link building tool. No, you shouldn’t just crank out as many posts as you can just so you’ll get more links. You have to think about the other blogger. He wants to put quality content on his blog for his readers to enjoy. He doesn’t give a rat’s behind about your link building efforts. So, above all else, focus on creating a post that adds value to the blog. Put your very best work out there, because your name is also attached to it.
  4. Meet your commitments—If the blogger accepts your pitch, he’ll probably ask when you can have the post ready by. Don’t set a date that you can’t stick to because the blogger will likely alter his schedule around what you tell him. So, if you tell him you’ll have the post to him by Wednesday morning, you’d better do whatever it takes to make that happen. Otherwise, you’ll look unprofessional, and you’ll damage this new relationship.
  5. Stick around to respond to comments—Don’t be a drive-by guest blogger who submits a post and disappears. Blogging isn’t just about writing content. Interacting with readers who leave comments is part of your responsibility too. So, make sure you check back often to see if anyone has posted a new comment on your post. If they have, respond to all comments thoughtfully.
  6. Help promote your guest post—The blogger has been kind enough to allow you to guest post on his blog. The least you can do is to pitch in with promoting your post. Tweet a link to the post, vote for it on any sites it might get submitted to, and let your readers know about it.

Do you guest blog on a regular basis? Has it helped with your link building efforts?

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6 Ways You Can Be a Better Guest Blogger, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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