5 Reasons to Deny a Guest Post

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Just because you allow guest posts on your blog doesn’t mean that you should post everything that people send to you. Remember, your blog is part of your brand. If you start publishing junk, your reputation will be damaged and you’ll lose readers.

That’s why I’ve come up with 5 situations that merit turning down a guest post.


  1. It’s too promotional—If someone wants to advertise on your blog, make them buy an ad slot on your sidebar. Don’t let them sneak in a guest post that’s really nothing more than a sales pitch for their products and services.
  2. The post is riddled with typos—Look, blogs are more casual, and your guest authors don’t have to be Pulitzer winners. However, you can’t force your readers to deal with content that contains tons of typos and horrible grammar. You need to have strict quality standards to protect your blog’s credibility.
  3. It contains bad information—There’s a difference between allowing a guest post that contains a controversial point of view and allowing one that is just flat out wrong. For example, we’d never allow a guest post on here that claimed a good SEO tactic is to hide text in the background of your website, because that’s bad information.
  4. It’s an obvious link grab—Guest blogging has become a popular way to build links. I have no problem awarding guest bloggers links back to their website when they’ve submitted quality content. But too many times, guest bloggers try to pass off inferior, hastily-written posts that are obviously nothing more than an attempt to get a few quick backlinks.
  5. The subject matter doesn’t fit your blog—We also wouldn’t allow a guest post on this blog that’s titled “10 tips for fixing your Honda Civic” because it wouldn’t fit within the theme of the SEOHosting blog.


Have you ever denied guest posts on your blog? What was the reason?


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