5 Realistic Goals for New Bloggers

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The sad fact is that most new blogs fail. They launch, publish a few posts, and then fade away for one reason or another. I think that one of the main reasons new blogs fail is because the blogger doesn’t have any realistic goals to work toward. Maybe they expect overnight success, and they get upset when it doesn’t happen. Or maybe they have no goals at all, so their blog just lacks direction, causing the blogger to get bored and quit.

Having realistic goals for your new blog lets you take the first steps necessary to building a successful blog. Here are 5 realistic goals for new bloggers. Add your own by leaving a comment at the end of this post.


  1. Write 25 posts—A lot of new bloggers have an easy time cranking out a few posts early on, but when the traffic doesn’t start rolling in, they slow down with their writing and eventually quit. 25 posts is a good milestone for new bloggers to shoot for. It gives you time to find your voice, build up a decent archive, and start to attract readers.
  2. Get a natural link from another blog—Links from other blogs are validating. They show you that other people are paying attention to you and respect your work. I still get a kick out of every link I get.
  3. Write a post that gets 20+ ReTweets—Twitter is a great tool for driving traffic to your blog. The more ReTweets your blog posts get, the better. While you’ll eventually want to shoot higher, trying to write a post that gets more than 20 ReTweets is a good goal early on.
  4. Get a comment from someone you don’t know—In the beginning, you’ll probably be able to get some of your friends and colleagues to comment on your blog, and that’s nice. But there’s something rewarding about getting your first comment from someone you don’t know. It’s oddly exhilarating.
  5. Land a guest posting opportunity on another blog—If a blogger thinks enough of your work to let you contribute a post to his or her blog, it’s a sign that you’ve arrived. Guest posting is a great way to build credibility, attract new readers back to your blog, and to increase your profile.


What are some other good goals for new bloggers to have? Share them by leaving a comment below.

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5 Realistic Goals for New Bloggers, 1.6 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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