5 Free WP Themes That Have Caught My Eye

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When I originally started using WP Hive, I was using an extremely minimalist theme. However, although it worked for me at first, I started to realize that the theme simply wasn’t exciting enough. Therefore, I decided to go out and start looking for a new WP theme to use with WP Hive.

I literally looked through hundreds of different WP themes, and as I did, I bookmarked the ones I liked with delicious.

After I finished my search, I looked back over all of the themes that I had bookmarked, and eventually picked a theme to use.

Since I spent so much time looking through themes, I thought I would help you out by sharing the five free WP themes that caught my eye during this search (along with the one that I ultimately decided to use):

CoffeeBreak 1.0

CoffeeBreak 1.0 WP Theme

I really like the earth tones used in this WP theme. With its subtle but attractive header, along with a clean layout, this theme would work well for any blog or website created with WP.


Cutline WP Theme

Instead of simply billing itself as another free WP theme, Cutline bills itself as a “a platform on which developers and designers can easily build on, and which users can easily modify and manipulate to their needs.” The great thing about Cutline is that it has an active community, which means that you can always find support if you encounter any issues.

Blue Marinee

Blue Marinee WP Theme

If you are looking for a WP theme that has a white background but isn’t too boring, Blue Marinee would be a good choice for you. With its blend of black and light-blue, this is a simple but elegant theme that will make any WP install look great.

Ally Spiral

Ally Spiral WP Theme

When I first saw this theme, the first thing that I thought was “it looks really cool.” Not only does it have the nice accents on the right side of the theme, but I think the spiral style of the theme looks really great (and is something different from the average WP theme).


ColdBlue Free WP Theme

After considering the first four free WP themes on this list, I decided that I wanted to use ColdBlue. The reason that I ultimately decided to use ColdBlue is because it does a great job of incorporating multiple colors into the theme without being overwhelming. Also, because I’m using WP to build websites instead of blogs (in most cases), this theme meet my needs perfectly!

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