5 Blogging Resolutions for 2012

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Having goals for your blog is important. It gives you direction, and provides something for you to measure against. This prevents your blog from becoming stagnant, which is a guaranteed way to kill your passion for blogging.

Here are 5 good blogging resolutions you could have for 2012.


  1. Try new things—The more you blog, the easier it is to slip into a pattern of publishing the same type of content over and over. You probably tend to write about the same subjects in the same format. This year, mix it up! Try to incorporate new blogging styles. Maybe you can begin doing some video posts. Or perhaps you can find some new topics to write about.
  2. Update your blog’s appearance—Too many bloggers think that content is all that matters. Yes, your content is the foundation of your blog. If your posts suck, you’re not going to build a successful blog. However, looks are important too. When’s the last time you updated your blog’s appearance? A new design could help build credibility and keep readers on site longer.
  3. Become a better networker—Networking with other bloggers, social media influencers, and colleagues is important for helping your blog grow. The more known you become, the more popular your blog will also become. Take some time to use the social networking tools that are out there to start building strategic relationships so you can have a powerful network at your fingertips.
  4. Try a new method of promoting your blog—Want to build your blog? You need to promote it. Maybe you’re promoting it now, but you’re probably using the same basic methods each time you publish a new post. It’s time to try some new things. Promote your posts on websites and forums that you don’t typically use. Use blog carnivals. Build your email list. Maybe even use PPC to drive traffic to certain blog posts.
  5. Guest blog more often—Guest blogging is a great way to increase your name recognition, build credibility, drive traffic back to your blog, and grow your network. This year, make a conscious effort to guest blog more often. If you only guest blog once a month right now, bump it up to once a week. If you’re already guest posting on other blogs once a week, try doing it twice a week. Take your guest blogging efforts to the next level.


What are some of your blogging resolutions for 2012?


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