5 Blogging Myths that Need to Disappear

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As an active blogger, my passion for blogging tends to come up in conversations with friends, colleagues, and clients. One thing I’ve noticed is that many people still have a misinformed view of blogging. They believe these blogging myths that have been drilled into their minds ever since the blogging phenomenon began some years back.

Here are the top 5 blogging myths I still hear to this day:

•    My niche doesn’t have room for another blog—
This one is 100% B.S. I see “blogging experts” spreading this misinformation all the time, and I couldn’t disagree with it more. Just because there are thousands of blogs on a particular topic doesn’t mean there isn’t room for one more blog. Sure, most topics have been discussed to the point of exhaustion, but the best bloggers know how to provide new, interesting viewpoints and fresh information that breathes new life into the topic. If you’re not afraid to be yourself and to give your own unique opinion on topics, there’s room for you in the blogosphere.

•    My target audience doesn’t read blogs—If this was 2002, I might agree with you. But it’s 2009. A study conducted in March 2008 found that 346 million people worldwide read blogs. If I was a betting man, I’d say that number has increased since that study. Even if your target audience isn’t the type of person who would subscribe to and follow a blog on a daily basis, he or she likely still uses Google or other search engines to find information. Guess what? Optimized blog posts tend to rank well in the search engines.

•    A blog will take my business to the next level overnight—On the flipside, you have people so consumed by the social media phenomenon that they believe starting a blog will cause their business to instantly boom overnight. Sadly, that’s not how it works. Success with blogging requires a long-term commitment to writing quality posts, promoting your content, and building relationships with your readers.

•    If you build it, they will come—I wish this was the case, because it would save me a lot of time. Simply writing and publishing a post will not earn you an audience. You have to network with other bloggers, promote your posts via social media channels, reach out to new readers, and promote your blog through other online channels. For your first few weeks as a blogger, you might just be talking to yourself. That’s okay. Stick with it, and do the right things to build up your subscriber base.

•    I need to be controversial to stand out—Once upon a time, a friend told me that controversy, not content, was king. While the occasional controversial post could get your blog some major attention, you don’t have to write one piece of flamebait after another to stand out. I’d much rather read a blog that provides a well-reasoned, highly informative viewpoint than one that just tries to stir the pot by being controversial.

Which blogging myths would you add to this list?

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5 Blogging Myths that Need to Disappear, 2.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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