4 Signs That a Blog Comment is SPAM

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Dealing with spammy comments is an unavoidable part of being a blogger. Even with the best SPAM filters, you’ll still have some questionable comments seep through the cracks. And while in most cases it’s pretty easy to identify SPAM comments, there are certain ones that are borderline, making it difficult to determine if they are SPAM or legitimate comments.

Here are 4 signs that a blog comment really is SPAM.


  1. The comment is very vague and generic—SPAM comments are sometimes related to the topic of the post, but they’re never very detailed. For example, a post about SEO might attract a SPAM comment that says something about SEO but that isn’t specifically related to the post. If a comment is very vague, generalized, and not all that specific to your post, it’s probably from a spammer.
  2. The URL links to a suspicious website—SPAM comments will just about always have a website in the URL field or in the comment itself. That’s the point of the spamming—to drive traffic back to their site. So, if the website URL seems suspicious, chances are that the comment is from a spammer.
  3. The comment is on an old blog post—A lot of SPAM comments tend to come on old blog posts that no one else is commenting on anymore. Maybe spammers do this because they think they can fly under the radar, or maybe the bots just tend to end up on older pages. I’m honestly not sure. I’ve just noticed that old posts tend to attract SPAM comments., so keep your eyes out for that.
  4. The grammar and spelling is terrible—I’m not saying that all of your real readers will leave quality comments that read like a Pulitzer novel, but the fact is that SPAM comments almost always have poor grammar and spelling.


What are some other common signs that a comment is SPAM? Share your thoughts by leaving a (legitimate) comment below.

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