4 Infographic Design Mistakes

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I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently singing the praises of infographics. Infographics are great for linkbait and a range of other purposes.

To get the most from your infographic, you need to avoid these 4 critical mistakes.


  1. Not knowing the purpose of your infographic—What’s the point of your infographic? Are you hoping to build a lot of inbound links? Are you wanting to drive traffic? Capture the attention of new prospects? Sell something? Know the goal of your infographic, and keep that in mind during the creative phase.
  2. Not having an interesting design—Great content drives everything, but half of the appeal of an infographic is its design. If you don’t have an eye-catching design, there’s no point in doing an infographic. Just stuff the content in typical word form if that’s the case. A great infographic combines interesting content with gorgeous design. Each fact or statistic in your infographic should have an accompanying graphical element.
  3. Making it difficult to share—Infographics are usually meant to be shared. They’re a great medium for linkbait, but too many times, marketers and bloggers make their infographics tough to share. Your infographic page should have social media buttons, embed options, and other sharing options.
  4. Not focusing on your audience—Infographics are only successful if they provide content your audience is interested in and wants to share. Too many companies make infographics that are focused on selling and telling everyone how great they are. Guess what? Nobody cares. Make your infographic interesting if you want to see results.


What are some other major infographic design mistakes? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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4 Infographic Design Mistakes, 3.5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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