4 Characteristics of a Good Blog Headline

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Coming up with a good headline is essential to having a successful blog post. With blog headlines clogging up Twitter, Facebook, social voting sites, forums, and other online spaces, it’s important to remember that your headline has to be good enough to get someone to click that link and come check out your post.

An easy way to tell if your headline is good enough is to make sure it boasts the 4 following characteristics.

  1. Short and to the point—I’ve always been a fan of blog headlines that are short and sweet, but this is even more important now with the way blog posts are promoted via Twitter and social voting sites that have character limits. If your blog post is too long, it might get cutoff when someone Tweets it out. Or it might not leave the person room to add their own comments to the Tweet. That’s why I like to keep it short and sweet. Cut out any fluff you can from your headline.
  2. Clearly describes the subject of the post—A good headline doesn’t lie. It stands on its own. It lets people know exactly what they can expect to see if they read your post. So, if you promise to give people a list of 10 reasons to do something, your blog post better contain 10 reasons to do that thing.
  3. Creates intrigue—Internet users are constantly being bombarded with links to blog posts, articles, YouTube videos…you name it. Getting their attention is tougher than ever before. That’s why you have to create some intrigue with your blog headline. You have to make your headline so interesting that someone can’t resist clicking the link to find out what’s inside. A good headline gets the person to read the first sentence. It’s that simple.
  4. It’s believable—I’m sick of these spammy, too-good-to-be-true headlines. “How I made $5 million with one blog post.” “How to get 10 million Twitter followers overnight.” The internet is full of spam and junk, and the sophisticated reader knows this. If your headline doesn’t ring true, people aren’t going to take the time to read your post.

What are some other characteristics of a good blog headline?

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4 Characteristics of a Good Blog Headline, 2.5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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