3 Reasons Some Bloggers Don’t Allow Guest Posts

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Longtime readers of this blog will already know that I’m a big believer that bloggers should accept guests posts on their blog. I’ve run down some of my top reasons for accepting guest posts in the post, but to recap, accepting guest posts on your blog:


  • Gives you fresh content
  • Offers your readers a new point of view
  • Lets you expand the topics you cover by bringing in people with expertise different from your own
  • Helps your network with other bloggers
  • Opens the door to guest posting opportunities for yourself
  • Helps lighten your load
  • Allows you to learn from other bloggers
  • Brings new readers to your site


In my view, accepting guest posts on your blog just makes sense. It offers so much upside that it’s worth considering at the very least.

Not All Bloggers Agree

Of course, not everyone out there agrees that it’s a good thing to accept guest posts. There are some bloggers who adamantly refuse to allow guest authors on their blogs.

Why do some bloggers not allow guest posts?

  1. They believe guest posts can alienate readers—The theory is that readers are coming to your blog to read what you have to say, not what someone else has to say. I certainly understand this concern, but I believe that as long as you limit the number of guest posts you publish (e.g. you should be publishing far more of your own posts than guest posts), clearly identify posts from guest authors, and hold your guest authors to certain standards, this won’t be an issue with the majority of your readers.
  2. They worry that their voice will get buried—Some bloggers don’t allow guest posts because they’re afraid their own posts will get lost in the shuffle. Again, this is a fair concern, but it’s one that can be addressed by not publishing guest posts too often and by focusing on improving the quality of your own posts.
  3. They worry about visitors leaving their site to visit the guest author’s site—It’s customary to allow guest bloggers to include one or more links back to their site. Some bloggers worry that these outbound links will lure loyal readers away and cause a leak in their funnel. I disagree. If you’re offering readers quality content they can’t get anywhere else, they won’t abandon you.


What do you think? Do you think bloggers are right to worry about the cons of allowing guest posts? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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3 Reasons Some Bloggers Don’t Allow Guest Posts, 2.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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