3 Annoying Blogging Practices

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I confess. I have a tendency to get annoyed easily. Little things that don’t bother most people can drive me up the wall. Whether it be someone driving down the highway with their blinker stuck on for miles at a time or a stranger trying to strike up a meaningless conversation with me while waiting in line, I often suffer from not having enough patience. Think of me as your own Larry David (and if you don’t watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, what’s wrong with you?…also, for the record I’m not old or bald).

Needless to say, this lack of patience and tolerance carries over to the online world as well. In particular, there are some things that bloggers do that drive me nuts.

Here are just 3 of the many annoying blogging practices that I’ve seen.

1.    Requiring Registration to Comment—Okay, this is just stupid. The whole reason blogging has become so popular is that it allows everyone to have their voice heard. The best blogs are an open forum for exchanging ideas. They are a conversation. So, why would you make it difficult for your readers to converse with you? I’m a firm believer in making things as easy for your audience as possible. That means not requiring them to fill out a registration form and activate their account when they simply want to post a quick comment. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on a blog that asked me to register first, and I certainly don’t plan on ever doing it in the future. If your blog asks me to register, rest assured I will click “back” and never visit your site again.

2.    Only Linking Back to Their Main Site—Look, I know everyone has their own reason for blogging. Some people are looking to build brand awareness. Others are just looking to increase their search engine rankings. And others still just do it to drive traffic to their main site. Often times, these bloggers think the best way to drive traffic to their site is to constantly link back to it. What they fail to realize is it makes their blog read like more of an advertisement than an actual blog that adds value to the user experience. If you only link back to your own website, it makes readers think you’re either just trying to sell them something or you aren’t giving them access to a full range of information on the topic at hand. Linking to outside sources adds credibility to your blog, and it creates the perception that your blog is the authority site in your niche.

3.    Not Delivering on the Headline—
About a year ago, I remember coming across a post that was supposed to offer 10 internet marketing tips. Once I clicked on the post, I found it only had 3 tips; it told the reader if he or she wanted the other 7 tips they would have to wait for a future post. What?! If you make a promise in your headline, you better deliver on it. If not, you’ll end up making readers very angry. Worse, you’ll come off as gimmicky and a liar.

Which blogging practices annoy you most? Share your pet peeves in the replies.

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