15 Free Stock Photo Websites

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A good photo can take a blog post or your website from boring to exciting. While you might think you need to pay for a quality photo, that’s not the case. There are tons of free stock photo websites online that offer some excellent pictures perfect for spicing up any website.

Here are my 15 favorite free stock photo websites.

  1. Stock.xchng—Let’s start this list with the most obvious free stock photo site—stock.xchng. The site is easy to search, and it has some really great looking photos.
  2. Morgue file—Another great source for reference images. Morgue File is constantly adding new photos, so be sure to check back often.
  3. Stock Vault—Over 13,000 stock photos divided into several easy-to-browse categories.
  4. Free Foto—One of the largest databases of free stock photos online. Includes business photos and travel photos, among others.
  5. Cepolina—Has roughly 5000 free photos. What makes this site unique is you can search for photos by color.
  6. Open Photo—Not the best looking site, but it has several different photo categories to choose from.
  7. Photo Rogue—Not your typical free stock photo site. Use this site when you can’t find the image you’re looking for. Simply request an image, and volunteers try to create it for you.
  8. Free Stock Photos—Not the most robust or user-friendly site, but it has plenty of free photos in multiple categories to choose from.
  9. Every Stock Photo—Allows you to search through multiple stock photo websites.
  10. Dreamstime—Easily search for free photos.
  11. Free Digital Photos—Thousands of free photos in all the usual categories.
  12. Free Photos Bank—Lots of free photos to search through. Users rate photos so you can find the best ones easily.
  13. Public Domain Photos—5000 free photos along with thousands of free clipart.
  14. Photo Rack—You have to do a little digging to find what you want, but there are some great photos on here.
  15. Aarin Free Photos—What this site lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality.

Did I leave your favorite free stock photo site off this list? Share it in the replies!

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