10 Reasons You’re Not Getting Blog Traffic

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Every blogger wants traffic. More and more of it, in fact. No blogger, no matter how big or small, would ever turn down more blog traffic. But the truth is most of us aren’t doing all the right things we should be doing to ensure we get the traffic we want. As a result, blogs underperform, and over time, bloggers get discouraged and might even quit.

Don’t let this happen to you! There is hope. Traffic is out there to be had. You just have to first understand the reasons your blog isn’t getting it.


  1. No SEO—Optimizing your posts is essential for getting long-term, steady traffic to your blog. The search engines love fresh blog content, but if you don’t optimize your posts for relevant keywords, you’re not going to rank well, causing traffic to suffer.
  2. Boring headlines—When someone sees a headline for your post on Twitter, Facebook, another website, or in the search results, will they be interested enough to click on it? If you’re not writing clear, compelling headlines, you won’t get clicks.
  3. No significant sharing on social networks—Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites are some of the best traffic sources out there. It’s important to really focus on getting your posts shared as much as possible. One way to do this is to have share buttons located prominently on your blog. Another way is to focus on building your connections, so you can have a strong promotional network at your disposal.
  4. Your blog doesn’t look professional—How your blog looks matters. If you’re using a generic template, you risk looking amateurish. I recommend investing in a custom design to give your blog a more professional appearance.
  5. Your blog lacks focus—What’s your blog about? What topic do you cover? If you lack focus, you’ll have a hard time building a core audience.
  6. You aren’t bringing anything new to the table—Are you giving your readers content they can’t get anywhere else? Or are you just recycling posts found on countless other blogs?
  7. You’ve overlooked the power of guest blogging—I’ve spent a lot of time on here talking about guest blogging. I believe that every blogger should be submitting guest posts to other blogs, so they can build awareness, increase authority, and drive traffic back to their blog. I also believe that you should allow others to guest post on your blog so they’ll bring their followers to your site.
  8. You don’t post on a regular basis—While I’ve recently pondered if having a blogging schedule is a good idea, I do still believe it’s important to post new content on a regular basis. You don’t have to post daily, but you do need to keep your blog alive so you can’t disappear for weeks at a time and expect to get lots of traffic.
  9. The community suffers from poor comment moderation—Successful blogs are built around a community. The readers comment and interact with the author and each other, but if you do a poor job moderating comments—such as being slow to approve comments or letting SPAM run rampant—you’ll never build a strong community.
  10. You lack patience—Getting traffic takes time. Sometimes, there are no real problems, and your blog just needs some time to grow.


What are some of the other major reasons blogs don’t get traffic?


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10 Reasons You’re Not Getting Blog Traffic, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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