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The 2013 Digital Marketer Report and What You Can Learn From It

Recently, Experian Marketing Services issued its 2013 Digital Marketer Report, which has provided search engine marketers and small businesses alike with some interesting information. In short, the report essentially says what we’ve known all along, if you can’t climb the … Continue reading

What is a Social Media News Release?

As social media becomes more and more entwined with daily life, it continues to change how we do business at virtually all levels. Most importantly, it has redefined marketing as we know it, and created an entire new segment of … Continue reading

Are You Safe from a Twitter Hacking?

With the recent hacks to Burger King’s and Jeep’s Twitter accounts, Twitter’s hacking problem has become clearer than ever. And as the linked article mentions, these aren’t the only companies to be hacked. Fox News, PayPal, and NBC News have … Continue reading

A Guide to Working with Freelancers on Your Marketing Projects

From web designers to copywriters to SEO experts, there are a lot of different freelancers you might work with when executing your marketing campaigns. Hiring freelancers can be great for a number of reasons. Freelancers offer specific expertise, don’t require … Continue reading

Do You Know What You Want Out Of Guest Blogging?

I’ve long been singing the praises of guest blogging. With a good guest blogging strategy, you could:   Build links back to your website for improved search engine rankings Drive traffic to your website Increase brand awareness Position yourself as … Continue reading