What is ALLINTITLE Search

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In this article we’re going to help answer the question: What is ALLINTITLE search. As you may know, ┬áin my last article I explained about advanced and basic search operators in Google. I then explained how understanding these operators can help you have a better understanding of SEO. In this article we’re going to further this lesson by showing you some specific examples of search engine optimization and how these efforts are visible in the search results.

Most programs such as WordPress automatically generate dynamic HTML pages, so unfortunately, many bloggers don’t understand the elements that make up a web page. It’s very important for bloggers to know and understand HTML. If you don’t know HTML, don’t worry, it’s very simple to learn. But again, it is something that you should totally learn.

Doing so, quite honestly, will give you a huge boost towards understanding SEO. That said, one of the first elements we’ll look at is the HTML <title> tag.

Here is a basic example:

<title>The Title of Your Webpage</title>
<p>Your content goes here.</p>

In my previous article, I exaplained about the ALLINTITLE search operator. The ALLINTITLE operator is just that, it looks for the keywords you’re searching for all in the title of a webpage and only returns results that match. Earlier last week, I wrote an article titled, SEO Tools For The iPhone. The source code in my dymanic HTML file had matching HTML <title> tag.

It looks like this:

<title>SEO Tools For The iPhone</title>

If you do an ALLINTITLE search for [seo tools for the iphone] you’ll see that the article I wrote is ranked #1 in Google. In fact, the search is so specific, Google only returns 5 results total. One of the results was created by Gerald after submitting the article into Mixx. So with that said, you can probably now see the importance of creating excellent web page titles. Here is a screen shot:

Picture 4

If you’re a blogger, the HTML <title> tags are created automatically and mirror your post title. So you’re probably wondering what does this mean for SEO? Well, not many people use advanced search operators such as the ALLINTITLE search. So it’s important that your content rank well for the keywords you target. the HTML <title> tag holds weight towards keyword ranking.

Repeating the same search in Google without the ALLINTITLE operator, you’ll see that the same article still ranks #1. Only difference is that instead of ranking #1 out of five listings, it ranks #1 out of 5 million. There are other elements in this article hold some SEO weight and assist in the overall success of the article ranking #1 in Google. Here is a screen shot:

Picture 5

Stick around for my next article and I’ll discuss them in further detail. In the mean time, now that you know about the ALLINTITLE search operator, can you guess what the ALLINURL and the ALLINBODY operators do? My next article will show you how these elements enhance your optimization further. Also, I may touch on article writing and keyword density. If you should have any questions, feel free to use the contact form below.

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