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One thing which is significantly noticeable is that Internet Marketing is the least affected industry even in the time of universal economy downtime. I do not remember any internet marketing consultants losing their jobs as cost-cutting in recent days. And it is obvious that it will continue to grow for next many decades. While an average SEO is paid more than an average developer, it becomes an attractive career decision. But knowing something and showing something are two different things. I have seen many good SEOs not being able to crack a deserving job because of some silly mistakes. Here, I am offering a mini-guide to crack a job of SEO.

Learn SEO
Well, this is the most important of all. You must know SEO to do SEO, there is no way around. You need to know answers to all the questions asked, but as it is a techo-marketing job, you are not supposed to know it all and at times you shouldn’t hesitate to share your perspective.

Own a website
A blog on WordPress or Blogspot will do, but owning a domain highlights your personal level involvement and seriousness towards web media. Onpage optimization skills are a must with blend of usability. And some nice to have stuff:

Blog topic: It doesn’t matter at all what are your writing about. It’s your website, you wanted to share something and you are sharing it, however, quality of content should be maintained.
Blog posting frequency: It doesn’t matter how frequently you post as long as it is quality and persistence is maintained.
Traffic: Not everyone is destined to be another ProBlogger and they know it. While you are expected to have a website, it is well known that many marketing consultants get really busy with their clients and projects that they get no time to do it for themselves.

While the things above are good to have things, actually having them can raise your bar way up than you can imagine.

Be Active Socialist
You don’t need to go to parties for it. Just signup to a nice social media website and be active in participating into discussions and events or whatever the site offers. Such websites boosts your online presence very naturally, and come on;  it’s a fun thing to do. You don’t need to have an account with all of them, choose the few that you like, sometimes even one or two can do the magic. Make sure that these are public viewable profiles and your actions are indexable by search engines. In this case, Twitter and Digg works, Orkut and Linkedin don’t.

Web Projects
Be a part of a nice web project. No matter what role you play, being an active part of web and contributing to it is what matters. If at all you aren’t able to find a good project for you, be an active member of a popular forum. You will need to be active enough to acquire a rank of moderator or administrator. That can be a mentionable achievement.

Keep yourself updated
Any marketing job needs you to be updated with the latest market trends. Apart from offering new possibilities, it also prevents you from reinventing the wheel. Knowing something the interviewer doesn’t know already makes you a winner.

Knowing a little extra
Employing even the beginner level knowledge of web programming languages or design applications can help you a great deal over other candidates.

Be known to traditional marketing skills
Don’t be afraid to portray your offline marketing skills, it’s always a plus. During the job you might need to coordinate with offline marketing teams to conduct events and promotions. If you have got it, show it.

Every job has a different requirement. While doing mentioned stuff can always be helpful, presentation also makes a big impression during interviews. SEO being a highly controversial field ruled by diversified beliefs and perceptions, you must show how confident you are about what you say. Apart from the points listed above, what do you think can help you secure a job of SEO?

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