7 Examples of Quality Web Directories

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Over the past couple of years, the general reputation of web directories has significantly declined. The reason for this decline is that so many low quality directories have been created over this period of time. If you visit any webmaster or SEO forum, you will inevitably find at least one person who offers to “submit your site to 2000 directories for only $39.99!” While this may seem like a cheap way to get lots of backlinks, a link from these kind of directories will not help your rankings at all.

Although there are a ton of low quality directories, this doesn’t mean that every directory is worthless. To show you that there are still times when it can be worth the investment of your time and money to get into directories, I have pulled together seven different examples of quality web directories:

Family Friendly Sites

Family Friendly Sites: If you have a blog or website that is appropriate for a family audience, this is a great directory for you to get into. The Family Friendly Sites directory has been around since 1996, which shows that a lot of time and effort has been put into making it a valuable resource. Given the quality of this directory, I think the one-time $49.99 listing fee is extremely reasonable.

Joeant: I could talk about this directory, but I think their About Us page explains them the best:

“JoeAnt.com is about providing a directory of quality sites for Internet users. Our goal is to list the best sites for a wide variety of topics giving our users the most relevant results for their searches.”

Joeant doesn’t charge a submission fee, so as long as your blog or website meets their quality guidelines, you have nothing to lose by taking the time to submit it.

DataSpear.com: The thing I really like about DataSpear is the fact that it combines a directory and a search engine function, which means that it gives its users two ways to find what they are looking for.

With a one-time review fee of only $39.99, I feel like this directory is a really good deal for any owner of a quality site.

Kahuki Web Directory

Kahuki Web Directory: Out of all the directories on this list, the Kahuki Web Directory is the most visually appealing. As long as you meet their quality guidelines, you can have your website listed in this great looking directory for $19.95 a year.

enQuira: As you may have noticed by now, the thing that separates a quality directory from a worthless one is the review process. If a directory allows unlimited submissions, it carries no value for users. However, if a directory has an editorial review process, it will actually provide a useful experience for users.

Given the fact that it specifically forbids MFA/affiliate websites, you can be confident that if you pay the $29 review fee and are accepted into this directory, your site will be in the company of other quality ones.

InCrawler: Online since 2003, the combination of a low review fee ($24.95) and a high level of quality guidelines make the InCrawler directory a great investment.

I know I said that I was going to list seven examples of quality web directories, but for #7, I want to show you an example of a directory that could fool you.

I came across the Active Links Searching directory on a list of the top directories. At first glance, it may seem like a respectable directory, but if you do a site:alslinks.com search on Google, you will see that not a single page is actually indexed!

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