5 SEO Posts You Need to Read

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I have been away from my computer for a couple of days (although I’ve still been connected to the Internet and my email through my iPhone), so when I sat down in front of it today, I started doing a lot of reading. As I was reading, I noticed that I was coming across a lot of very high quality posts, so I decided to share the five best posts that I found with all of you:

What 70+ Hours of Backlink Checking and Research Shows – Written by Gab Goldenberg for Search Engine Journal, this is the first part of a two post series. Gab used the historical backlink comparison tool from Majestic SEO to conduct this study on backlink data to analyze backlink data for thirty different keyword phrases. The post includes practical uses for this competitive intelligence, his methodology in conducting this research and some fun data points for niche research.

Backlink Research Shows How To Compete Elite (Part 2) – Also written by Gab Goldenberg (but published on SEO ROI), this second post about the same study includes screenshots of the data, his analysis and conclusions and some caveats. There are a lot of screenshots (which is great for people who like visuals), and if you subscribe to his RSS feed, you can download an Excel file with the full data spreadsheet and all screenshots.

A Case Study: Using Contests to Build Links – Written by Debra Mastaler for Search Engine Land, this post discusses a case study where Debra used a contest to build links for one of her clients in a competitive financial services industry that is populated by busy corporate executives. This is a very useful read for those times when your normal methods of building links are simply not working for one reason or another.

The 30 Free SEO Tools You Must Know – As anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows, I like free SEO tools. That’s why I enjoyed the list written by Tad Chef on SEOptimise, which includes tools like GSite Crawler and Xenu Linksleuth. The list includes a direct link to each of the thirty tools.

Natural Link Building : Create an Online Presence and Linkable Brand – Written by Loren Baker for Search Engine Journal, this in-depth post not only provides a lot of valuable information, but with thirty-seven comments (including several by Loren himself), you can continuing learning by taking time to read through the comments section of that post.

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