5 Free SEO Tools That You Probably Don’t Know About

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If you haven’t already noticed, there are a lot of SEO tools on the Internet. In addition to the high profile paid tools, there are plenty of great free tools for SEOs to use (including free SEO tools for Firefox). Because of the sheer amount of tools that are available, some of them simply don’t get the attention they deserve.

To help you broaden your arsenal of SEO tools, I’ve rounded up a collection of five free tools that don’t receive a lot of buzz from bloggers, but can be quite valuable to your SEO efforts:

Link Harvester

Yahoo! Link Harvester: This tool gives you two ways to look at backlinks. If you want to find the backlinks to a specific domain, enter www.yourdomain.com into the tool. If you are looking for a more detailed analysis of the backlinks for a specific page on a domain, you can enter www.yourdomain.com/thepage.html.

Additional features of this tool allow you to choose the type of link (domain, page or deep links), how many results you would like to query (250, 500, 750 or 1000) or which search engine you want to pull the data from (Yahoo, MSN or both).

Link Checker

Text Link Checker Tool: This nifty tool scans all of the text links on your website, and then alerts you to any potential problems. This means that if you link to a website that is penalized, this tool will let you know about it. Although this tool used to be popular for analyzing link exchanges (it can still be used for that, but you should know by now that link exchanges aren’t an overly effective technique), it’s great for bloggers to make sure that they aren’t accidentally linking anywhere that could cause problems for them.

Once you run a domain through this tool, it will return the results of its scan. Each link will have a symbol next to it, and if you move your mouse over the symbol, it will give you an explanation of what it means.

Domain Age

Domain Age Tool: Although there are other tools you can use to get this same information, I like the Domain Age Tool because it allows you to quickly look up the ages of multiple domains. Whether you are evaluating websites in your current field or looking at potential industries to enter, this tool makes it easy to see the age of the domains that you are (or will be) up against.

Link Search

Link Search Tool: When you are doing old school link building, one of the best ways to look for link acquisition targets is by searching for a wide variety of terms related to one of your main keywords. Rand made a great post about this on the SEOmoz blog. In response, the Link Search Tool was made, which greatly streamlines this process. Instead of manually conducting each search, just enter your main keyword, and then the tool will generate links to the searches you can perform in Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask.

Google Yahoo Results

Yahoo vs. Google: This tool compares the top one hundred search results in Google against the top one hundred search results in Yahoo. The cool thing about this tool is that it not only puts the results in a visual format, but it connects the sites that appear in both sets of results. You can see the URL of each result by putting your mouse over the dots, and you can also visit any of the URLs by actually clicking the dot.

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